Gingerbread Playdough & Christmas Activities

Gingerbread Playdough & Christmas Activities

Everyone talks about their Advent calendars and I was really late to the game. I realized though, that it isn’t even so much about having a fancy Advent calendar – although I’d love something that is – but it’s as much about putting together family activities and even simple things that I can do with Boyo throughout this month.

One of the struggles as a working mom is that Boyo gets me at my worst part of the day. It’s the part of the day when I’m really just tired and want to sit down and check out for a few hours. Or read a book, or watch a television show. Or basically do anything but try to come up with a nifty activity.

So I put together a list of 24 things we could do – one every night. And I tried to think about what the daily schedule was likely to be like when I did it and to incorporate known events when I could.

And last night was supposed to be night one, but then things sort of ran out of time, so tonight was night one (which was okay since I didn’t have any ideas for ‘making Christmas ornaments’ anyway and was going to have to go on a Pinterest search)

Tonight’s activity was to make Gingerbread Play-dough. I’ve never made play-dough before (when I was five and my mum was the one that really made it doesn’t count). So this was an experiment – but I think it was a success. Boyo really enjoyed pouring the ingredients in, and shaking the spices, and then he seemed to enjoy playing with it and assuming that I made it right and it’s still good tomorrow, he’ll have it to play with over the next few weeks – so success!

Making Gingerbread Play-dough