A 1921 Bungalow

Summer of 2009. We are planning a wedding. Christy is up for permanent tenure review. Rudy has a dozen programming projects he’s involved with. Adding one more thing to do to the list of things to do is probably not really all that smart. But one Sunday morning we get a call from Rudy’s cousin. There’s a Bungalow he says… we should check it out.

And there was indeed a bungalow.

Our Arts & Crafts era Bungalow
Our Arts & Crafts era Bungalow

We added one more thing to our summer, because this 1921 Arts & Crafts era bungalow was practically our dream house. Somewhere between needing a little tender loving care and being absolutely livable is where it sits. And it will need some tender loving care. Electricity, paint jobs, some plaster repair, restoring hardwood floors, and tons of landscaping, but it will hopefully be a labor of love.

In many ways the Arts & Crafts movement represents not just a design philosophy but a philosophy of life. This house is quite a bit older than either Rudy or I, and we are delighted to be its caretaker for another generation or so.

As we make changes and repair and restore, we will update and those updates may be found under the category 1921 Bungalow.