Our Story Begins

How We Met

It began with a cup of coffee as so many wonderful things do.

Christy was having coffee with Andra Aaby in downtown Walla Walla, and somehow the subject of blind dates came up. She’d never been on a blind date before but she thought, why not? Experience is the sort of thing one builds novels from, after all. What she didn’t know was that Andra actually had someone in mind to set her up with!

So Rudy and Christy met one evening and had nice conversation over tea and appetizers at Grapefields in Walla Walla. Even though neither of them had met before, they found things to talk about including education, and travel, and Romania, and computers! So when the evening ended, Christy gave him her phone number and settled into pretending as if she was perfectly fine if he never called again. Most thankfully he did – several times!

Magical Engagement.

Rudy began plotting in fall of 2008.  Christy became a little suspicious when Rudy expressed interest in visiting her family in Missouri over Christmas break.  By the time of the trip, Rudy had ordered the ring and planned to pop the question during the trip.

A day or two after the couple’s arrival Christy and her mother and sister went shopping.  After a bit of nervous hand-wringing and pacing around the family living room–Rudy worked up the courage to speak with Christy’s father–who kindly interrupted Rudy’s nervous buildup to say yes, Christy’s parent’s would love to welcome Rudy to the family.  A relieved Rudy chatted about family and the future for a while with Christy’s dad before the unknowning Christy returned.

The ring arrived on schedule, drop-shipped to Missouri as did Christy’s other Christmas present.  But then the plan ran amok.  One by one everyone in the household started becoming violently ill.  Rudy fell first, then Christy parent’s, then Christy and finally her sister.  With all the illness going around, Rudy decided to postpone the big question until after Christmas.  Christy was still thouroughly surprised by her present–Snape’s wand.

A trip to the tourist trap of Branson, MI followed and Rudy thought the right opportunity might appear.  But alas, the crowded theme park was full of fun and beauty–but not the right moment for memorable romance.   After walking around the park with it in his pocket, Rudy returned the ring to it’s box.  He was consoled by the upcoming Anniversary and also Christy B-day: two more good opportunities.

So Christy and Rudy returned home–probably leaving Christy’s family a bit perplexed (sorry–just didn’t find the right moment!).  But a few days later, the anniversary of Christy and Rudy’s first date arrived–and Rudy came up with the final pieces of his (necessarily) geeky plan.

After booking dinner at the site of the couple’s second date, Rudy frantically raided the storage cupboards at the local theater where he did technical work and hunted around town for the proper batteries.  Finally well, equipped, Rudy picked up Christy and a pleasant dinner at the Backstage Bistro followed.  After the meal, the couple decided to rent a film Christy had wanted to see “The Duchess”.

Sidebar–advice to suitor’s planning to pop the question: DO NOT RENT “The Duchess”–a story of a failed marriage and the misery it caused.

Nonetheless, after one nixed attempt over Christmas, Rudy was not to be easily discouraged by historical films!  After the movie, he suggested a walk among the new fallen snow at Lion’s Park (site of the couple’s first kiss!).

The shivering Christy cuddled with Rudy on the bench by the pond–when Rudy suggested that Christy needed to use some “magic” to summon a fire.  Christy agreed but joked that she didn’t have her wand.  “No problem!” Rudy produced the wand from his coat.  He suggested to a perplexed Christy, “Try casting ‘Accio Orbis!'”  (At this point the reader, if not a hard-core Harry Potter fan, may also be perplexed–“Accio” is a Harry Potter term for summoning something.  “Orbis“, Rudy would later explain to Christy is Latin for ring.)  So Christy gamefully waved the wand and said “Accio Orbis!”  After an expectant pause, a fireball seemingly shot from the wand and landed harmlessly in the snow a few feet away!

A relieved Rudy carefully slid the pyrotechnics device, he’d retrieved from the theater back into his pocket and pulled out the ring, where he proposed to a startled Christy–who tearfully accepted after a few expressions of startlement!

The engagement was complete!

Married Life

Rudy & Christy were married 30 August 2009 and shortly thereafter settled into a Life in a Bungalow with Sabrina-cat, the best Valentine’s Day gift that Christy ever received. Specifically we are living in a bungalow built in 1921, which has overall been cared for respectfully by the previous owners. We are now in the process of continuing to be caretakers for the home — working on correcting some wiring issues, and then turning our attention to landscaping, plaster repair, painting, and returning the kitchen to something more befitting a home of the early twentieth century (while keeping to the technology of the twenty-first!) and as those ideas get tackled, we will attempt to chronicle them here!

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